If you’re ready to get started with PrEP and don’t have any questions, EveryYou Health will get your labs ordered right away. Get started.

If you have questions and want to talk with your provider about getting on PrEP, schedule an initial appointment. You can learn about treatment options and what to expect while taking PrEP. If you decide to start PrEP, you’ll need to complete labs, including an HIV test, and you’ll schedule a follow-up visit. You’ll need to complete an HIV test within seven days before your follow-up visit. If your HIV test is negative and if your other lab results are normal, you’ll start PrEP at your follow-up visit.

While taking PrEP, you’ll follow up with your provider every 60 to 90 days (60 days for the injection and 90 days for the pill). You’ll need to get labs done before or during each appointment. Online visits are available if you can’t make it into the office for an appointment. However, if you’re taking the Apretude injections, you’ll need to get these in person in our office.